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Mission of CSSX and AJPP in 2010, the Tiger Year*


Mission of CSSX and AJPP in 2010, the Tiger Year*


Chang-Xiao Liu

Academic Editor-in-Chief of Asian Journal of Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics(AJPP)

Chairman of Chinese Society for Study of Xenobiotics(CSSX), Chinese Pharmacological Society


Research of xenobiotics in Chinese pharmaceutical industry, academy and regulatory agencies have progressed and developed dramatically since CSSX was found in 1986. During the period, researchers of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) were trained professionally, the team working was formed, and quality of research was improved greatly.  About 5000 research articles of DMPK have been published by Chinese scholars and students. Research protocols and methods have gradually harmonized with international applications and standards. State Food Drug Administration of China (SFDA) issued 4 guidelines for preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics/ bioavailability/bioequivalence studies under reference of International Conference on Harmonization (ICH).


Chinese DMPK scholars dedicated themselves in optimizing scientific communications with their oversea colleagues especially in the past 5 years. 2005 Hangzhou International Conference of Drug Metabolism, 8th and 9th National conferences of CSSX in Dalian 2006 and in Wuhan 2009, and 2008 2nd Asia and Pacific Regional Conference of International Society for Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) in Shanghai demonstrated such achievements, which greatly strengthened relationship and friendship with oversea scholars and professional societies, especially ISSX.


Affiliation of CSSS with ISSX


Promoted by Prof. Russ Prough, President of ISSX, and Prof. Changxiao Liu, President of CSSX, The Chinese Society will promote studies of xenobiotics with the international one as the first affiliate of ISSX. Prof. Liu stated “we are excited about working with our ISSX colleagues and do see the benefits and values of the affiliation with ISSX, CSSX will do its best to dedicate itself into international or regional activities of ISSX” in his working report at 9th CSSX National Conference last Oct.


CSSX appreciates the Affiliation program of ISSX and considers it very professional, feasible and effective way to promote Globe and Regional Cooperation among professionals and organizations in DMPK area. As one of objectives, Affiliation helps ensure that scientific meetings are scheduled so as to not compete and that ISSX and its affiliate organizations collaboratively work to develop meetings, engage undergraduates and graduate students to consider the field, and advance the science worldwide.  Therefore, Chinese junior investigators including graduates and postdoctoral fellows can benefit by attending conferences organized by either ISSX or its affiliated organization.


As Affiliate of ISSX, CSSX started promoting Chinese memberships for ISSX, decided sending its delegation to attend 9th ISSX International Conference in Istanbul, Turkey in Sept of 2010, and 4th ISSX Asia-Pacific Regional Conference (APISSX) in Tainan in May of 2011, and scheduled organizing 2010 ISSX/CSSX Joint Workshop in Shanghai in Oct of 2010. CSSX will apply for hosting Regional and International Meeting of ISSX in next 5 years.


CSSX believes the affiliation will benefit both organizations in promotion of information sharing and exchanging, and international corporations in DMPK through scientific conferences, Newsletter and Web sites. 


AJPP is moving towards a new stage in 2010 Tiger year


2010 is the Year of Golden Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac, meaning of powerful, passionate, daring, vigorous, sincere, affectionate, humanitarian, and generous.


Asian Journal of Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics (AJPP) is moving towards a new stage in the Tiger year with objective of being one of SCI professional Journals. According to suggestion by ISSX, the editor board is enhanced for promoting submissions by setting Regional Teams in North America including famous and experienced professionals in Pharmacology and Toxicology such as Anthony Lu, Xinxin Ding, Anthony Kong, Mingshe Zhu, Jun-Yang Hong et al. The Europe team is being prepared. ISSX will list AJPP in its web onsite with other DMPK related journals for helping promotion of AJPP.


I strongly believe that the Affiliation with ISSX will reach the objectives listed above by supports from my colleagues of CSSX and ISSX in the year of Tiger.