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The Burgeoning MICE Industry and Service in China


Today with the global economic integration, there are more and more business activities such as meetings, exhibitions and business trips. MICE and MICE economy emerge, as an increasing number of professional convention organizers are engaged in an integrated service of offering information about destinations, itinerary arrangements and planning and organizing of business events. Many business firms believe that MICE not only can effectively motivate their employees, but also is a new way of enhancing public awareness of their own firms. So many companies hold their own product launches while organizing incentive tours so as to maximize the effect of market publicity. Different from regular tours, the incentive tours aim to help the tourists "feel relaxed" during their trips, with a slow-paced itinerary and comfortable accommodation and transportation as well as delicious food. The incentive tourists usually stay at one place for several days. In the meantime, some theme events related to their company will be organized, incorporating corporate culture into the tour.


With an explosion of new conference and exhibition centers coming into China, more international and domestic forums are arriving in China's major cities. MICE Partners Inc. organized a series of MICE activities in China, which arouse great interest of the tour operators in the MICE market. As tourism is developing rapidly in China, incentive tourism will become a new economic growth area in China's tourism market.


China-the Most Attractive MICE Destination


Ancient and mysterious oriental culture


In this enchanting oriental country, you will encounter a long-standing culture with unique experiences. Through its people, delicious food, beautiful landscape and nice music, China always shows you its unique charms.


Increasingly frequent international exchanges


Rapid economic growth, China's entry into WTO, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo will greatly promote the development of MICE in this ancient oriental country.


Advanced and perfect infrastructure


The Chinese government has invested huge amounts of money into physical infrastructure such as modern airports, expressways, railways, telecommunications, banks and hotels. In the meantime, the Chinese government has also tried hard to promote the study of universal languages as well as other forms of quality education.


MICE Partners - a Leading MICE Organizer and Service Provider in China


As an event management leader covering the growing travel, tourism, and hospitality sector, MICE Partners has unveiled new opportunities for companies to promote their MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions) services in China. Focusing not only on Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Chengdu, the MICE directory also targets smaller cities like Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Jilin, and Sanya.


Specializing in the planning and organizing of MICE events as well as arranging for post-meeting tours, MICE Partners with its business partners boasts a team of qualified MICE staff members who are dynamic, well-experienced, highly devoted and cooperative. All of them equipped with up-to-date know-how about MICE products and MICE expertise, which they are capable of coping with emergencies. The creativity and exceptional abilities of our MICE team will be able to help demonstrate fully your corporate culture and company philosophy.


We believe working in close partnership with our clients ensures the successful delivery of your project. Our expert staff, world class facilities and leading edge technology deliver a cost effective and reliable solution to your business. We guarantee a superior level of customer service in terms of effectiveness, reliability and speed, to ensure that we remain a major player in today’s market.


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